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I've got a site that services the mobile/traveling public and I would really like to look at adding a high speed broadband wireless network both for my customer's benefit and as an additional revenue source for my business. Please look at my site specs in this email and have someone contact me.

If you are interested in broadband services for your house or office for your personal use, then please complete the form here.

Subject: Site Survey Request Tell us about your site
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Nbr WLAN Customers : Nbr customers projected to use a WLAN.
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Are there other businesses within a mile of you who have high speed (T1,DSL) Internet access?
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- General Comments -
As clearly as possible, tell us about your business or site. If a building, how many floors, type and age of construction, etc. In any case, give us some sense of the area to be covered by your wireless and any other particulars about the site.
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