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RV Owner Camper Survey Form
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Internet Related Questions (Computer Ownership w/ Internet/Email Is Assumed)
How would you categorize your computer/Internet skills? :
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Do you take a computer along on your trips for Internet access? :
N/A   Yes! All the time   Sometimes   NO! Never  
If 'Yes' or 'Sometimes', what operating system is on the computer? :
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If 'Yes' or 'Sometimes', what type of computer? : (Check off all that apply!)
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If 'Yes' or 'Sometimes', how many times do you use your computer for Internet : How often do you turn it on to do Internet related activities?
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If 'Yes' or 'Sometimes', what do you like to do online?: (Check off all that apply!)
N/A   Email   Stock Market   Online Shopping   Reservations   Internet Telephoning  
Pay Bills   Work Remotely   Other   Please Explain:
How do you usually access the Internet at Home?: When at home, how do you get into the Internet?
N/A   DialUp Modem   ISDN   Cable   DSL   T1   Satellite  
Who is your current Internet Service Provider (ISP)?:
N/A   MSN   Earthlink   AOL   Yahoo   WebTV
Other   Please Explain:
How important is high speed access from your RV Home?: How important is it to access the Internet from the privacy and comfort of your own RV at 256K or better when on the road at a campground?
NOT Important! Go away! <- 1   2   3   4   5   -> VERY! Fantastic! Sign Me up!
What do you believe such a high speed Internet service would cost per HOUR?:
ZERO. Go away! <- $0   $1   $2   $3   $4   $5   -> DON'T CARE! Anything! Sign Me up!
What do you believe such a high speed Internet service would cost per Day?:
ZERO. Go away! <- $0   $3   $4   $5   $6   $7   $8   $9   -> DON'T CARE! Anything! Sign Me up!
What do you believe such a high speed Internet service would cost for a monthly subscription?:
ZERO. Go away! <- $0   $30-$40   $40-$45   $45-$50   $50-$55   $55-$60   $60-$65   $65-$70   $70-$75   $75-$80   -> DON'T CARE! Anything! Sign Me up!
Would such in RV high speed Internet access availability effect your choice of campgrounds?:
N/A   Yes!   Maybe   No!  
Have you ever used a WiFi wireless access card?:
No   Yes  
If 'Yes', do you have your own 802.11b certified WiFI card? :
No   Yes  
If 'Yes', who manufactured your WiFi card? :
Don't Own One
Don't Know

If 'Yes', are you currently a monthly subscriber on any other commercial Wireless LAN networks? :
No   Yes  
If 'Yes', what other WLAN networks are you a subscriber on? :
Advisory Board: We are going to need input from savvy RV owners. Would you be interested in participating on our advisory board, being part of a focus group or making some form of contribution to assist in bringing this service to the RV Park/Campground industry?
No   Yes  
Generally, how receptive do you feel the RVer's will be? : Just how much do you feel the RVing community will embrace having high speed Internet "any time" access from the comfort of their RVs as they travel from park to park?
NOT Receptive at all! Go away! <- 1   2   3   4   5   -> VERY RECEPTIVE! This is great!
What RV Conventions or Shows have you attended, do you like to go to or plan to attend in the future? Please give the Show name, town/state, general time frame of the year and any contact information if you have it.

We thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. If you havge any general comments regarding the survey or questions about opportunities to access high speed Internet access from the comfort and privacy of your RV Home, tell us below.

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