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Castle Rock, CO - August 26, 2002 - Crowfoot Valley Coffee is downtown Castle Rock's first high speed wireless Internet hotspot. Agility Wireless, a Castle Rock wireless Internet service provider company installed a Agility-NET system in the coffee shop at the corner of 4th and Perry on Saturday August 24, 2002.

Jim Turner, a company spokes person, said that owner Jason Grey and store manager Dave Edgell are looking forward to an added level of service for their customers.

So, if you have been surfing the web with a slow dial-up connection and would like to experience the world of wireless networking at 1 meg or faster, stop by with your computer some day; say hello to Jason or Dave and their crew; experience a serious cup of java; and sit back, check your email and cruise the Internet at warp speeds.

Jim says the service is going to be free for a brief introductory period. According to Jim, in order to access the service, all a customer would need is a laptop computer or PDA equipped with a 802.11b Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) wireless access card or wireless adapter. He says that there are a variety of such wireless devices available through CompUSA and other area computer stores in the $60-$150 price range.

The customer is not required to be physically wired to the network, since the network connection is handled by a wireless access point (antenna) inside the Crowfoot Valley Coffee store. Multiple customers can be on at the same time. All a customer needs to do is to get close enough to the access point to have their computer's wireless device link-up signals. Jim says the signal can be found within 50-75 feet of the middle of the Crowfoot Valley Coffee store (inside or out). The Crowfoot Valley Coffee staff can sell you a great cup of freshly roasted coffee and help with the connection information.

Jim reports that the wireless networking phenomenon is rapidly moving out of home and office settings and into a growing number of public venues. This is evidenced by over 2000 hotspot locations around the country. Hotspots can be found at airports, hotels, coffee shops, RV parks, cafeterias, condos, apartment and marinas and more.

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