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Castle Rock, CO - May 01, 2002 - The wireless Internet revolution has reached Castle Rock, Colorado. With high speed wireless hotspots popping up all over the country, it was about time that our own town of Castle Rock was noticed as a great town for this type of business. Agility Wireless opened their doors for business here the first part of May.

With the advent of wireless local area network hardware devices such as access points (antennas), wireless computer adapters and PC cards that adhere to the 802.11b wireless computer networking standard, first business, then home and now public area wireless networks started to appear.

According to Jim Turner, one of the founders of Agility Wireless, "Our company will be focusing on installing high-speed wireless Internet access in a variety of public venues that cater to the computer totting traveling public". Jim says they are going to be focusing on airports, hotels and RV parks. Customers in these locations will be able to access the Internet with their laptop computer or PDA for a small hourly fee to retrieve email or browse the Internet.

Jim says that the real special advantage of these wireless networks is that the individual computer does not have to be physically wired to the network. They can roam freely anywhere within the range of a local network antenna and be connected to the network. Plus the wireless network can support 10-100 simultaneous users.

Jim reports that the wireless networking phenomenon is rapidly moving out of office and home settings now and into an ever expanding number of public venues. This is evidenced by over 2000 hotspot locations around the country. Hotspots can be found at airports, hotels, coffee shops, RV parks, cafeterias, condos, apartment and marinas and more.

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